Attendees are invited to visit the exhibition which will be opened on 23-24 June, 2014 at the Main Reading hall premises. The exhibition presents products and services for the libraries and their patrons. The number of exhibitors grows every year.

Conference participants will visit the exhibition during the coffee-breaks and the welcome drink at the closing. Traditionally exhibition becomes the place of new contacts and fruitful discussions.

Exhibitors can request the organizing committee for special presentations of their products.



16 Июл 2014
Доступны материалы конференции АРБИКОН-2014

08 Июл 2014
Галерея конференции АРБИКОН пополнилась еще двумя коллекциями.

07 Июл 2014
Материалы конференции будут доступны и уже частично доступны для доступа из Интернет.

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